Strengths Of Television Advertising
High Reach - television has the highest daily and weekly reach of any medium in Canada. (1)

Television can deliver to narrow target audiences through selective placement of commercials in programs.

Television offers a variety of placement strategies to build reach and frequency.

Television offers the most scientific and reliable way to build frequency.

Television is our main source for news, sports, entertainment and general knowledge.

Television is extremely well suited to marketing products and services with broad appeal.

Television is immediate and timely. It works instantly!

Television offers cost efficient targeting of many demographic (age/gender) and psycholgraphic (lifestyle) groups.

Television has an aura of importance. It is a prestigious medium enhancing the advertisers' image by its use.

Television appeals to more of the consumers' senses than any other medium.

With television, a powerful emotional impact can be created.

Television is considered by Canadians to be the most intrusive, credible, memorable and influential media. (2)

(1) TVB ComQuest Research 2000 shows that Television reaches 85% of Adults 18+

(2) TVB ComQuest Research 2000 shows that 71% agree Television is the most influential Advertising medium with Adults 18+

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