Radio Targets
For an advertiser, one of radio's greatest strengths is its ability to deliver a selective audience. Each station's programming mix has been designed to meet the needs, tastes and preferences of specific audiences. The mere touch of a button can bring you hard rock, easy listening, adult contemporary or news and information. We call it selection to perfection.

Radio Reaches Virtually Everyone
Radio reaches 94% of all adults, men and women weekly (teens 85%). Canadian listeners 12+ spend an average of 21 hours with radio each week.

Radio, Anywhere, Anytime Medium
Of all media, radio is uniquely able to reach your customer where no other media can... while they are doing something else - eating, jogging, in the shower, ironing, on the beach or maybe most effectively of all, in the car. Consumers have less and less time for fixed attention media.

Radio Builds Top-of-Mind Awareness
Almost three-quarters of adults listen to radio every weekday, week in, week out. Radio delivers high, affordable frequency or repetition. Repetition builds awareness and awareness is a key component in gaining market share.

Radio Reaches Selective Newspaper Readers
Only 40% of adults read a newspaper five days a week. Considering the demands on consumers' time, it's almost impossible to read a newspaper from cover to cover every day. This creates a very selective reader.

Radio Reaches Light Users Of Other Media
Light television viewers spend twice as much time with radio as they do with television. Weekly, radio reaches over 90% of light newspaper readers and light Internet users. Radio reaches people who do not make extensive use of other media.

Radio, The Team Player
Not only does radio work well as a stand alone medium, but it is also a great team player. Radio can be added to a campaign to generate increased reach and frequency, effectively and efficiently.

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