Radio Lacks Visuals
The study by ComQUEST Research shows that virtually all radio listeners - 99.3% generated at least one visual image in response to the radio ads when asked. Consumers actually "see" radio commercials in their minds, creating a visual image that they relate to the brand, product or service.

Radio Is Only A Background Medium
Like most people, you have probably found yourself thinking of a song or jingle you heard earlier that day on radio. You may even quote news stories, jokes or trivia featured on your favourtie station. Radio has a unique relationship with its audience - your consumers. Radio delivers comparable ad recall rates to television at half the cost or less!

It Is Difficult To Produce Great Creative For Radio
Radio's great production value allows advertisers to create any "picture" or convey any emotion. All you need is a little imagination. Testimonial, slice of life, comedy, announcer-read and sound effects have all been successfully executed on radio.

Radio Cannot Be Used As A Primary Medium
Although radio works well to complement other media, it also delivers results alone or as the primary medium in an advertising mix.

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