Radio Reaches Canadians
With a weekly reach of 93%, radio plays an integral role in all Canadian lives. The high reach level reflects radio's ability to appeal to every consumer's taste for music, news, sports, weather, talk and promotions.

Car Commuters - A Captive Radio Audience
BBM's Radio At Work Study revealed that almost 90% of adults who work for pay commute to work and 88% of those adults commute by car - 79% alone and only 9% with others. The average commute time is just less than 25 minutes, ranging from 21 minutes in Atlantic Canada to 25 minutes in Quebec and almost 26 minutes in Ontario.

Radio, The At Work Medium
Almost 60% of employed adults have a radio within hearing distance at work, according to the BBM Radio At Work Study. Of those people, 93% listen to radio at work. Over 40% of respondents stated that they select the radio station at work, while 19% said it is a group decision. Fifty-four percent of women and 48% of men listen to one station. Interestingly almost half of respondents indicated that listening to radio at work made them a little or a lot more productive. Of all major media, radio had the highest incidence of use at work. Radio is the At Work Medium!

Radio Reaches Consumers Throughout The Day
Radio reaches consumers before and during prime shopping hours during the weekdays. Over 80% listen during the breakfast time period and 71% tune in during the day. Over three-quarters are reached in evening drive and over half listen in the evening.

Radio Allows Pinpoint Targeting Of Working Women
Working women are a crucial target for many advertisers. However, often juggling a career and family, many working women are light users of other media. Radio is the medium to reach working women! Weekly, radio reaches 96% of this target group for over 22 hours!

Radio Closest To Time-Of-Purchase
Radio has a significant impact on consumer spending reaching 50% of shoppers within one hour prior to their main purchase of the day. Radio has the fastest response time between advertising exposure and purchase when compared to all other major media. Advertisers not only need to reach their customers, but need to reach them at the right time - on the way to shop.

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