If you're not using radio or just using radio as a support medium, consider the power of the medium. Radio is an integral part of everyday life, reaching your consumers effectively and efficiently.

Radio Targets
Radio's unique ability to effectively and efficiently deliver a selective audience is a great strength. Advertisers can match their target consumer's age to the audience of individual radio stations. Thus, wasted advertising messages that occur with other media are reduced. Precision is critical.

Radio Commands a Large Share Of Consumers' Media Time
Radio's daily share of media time remains high despite the growth of Internet usage. Indeed, radio at 37% matches television's share and is considerably higher than the shares of newspaper, magazines and the Internet. Among adults with Internet access, radio's share increased slightly to 38%.

Sales Packages
We have many affordable premium sponsorship packages to target and reach your customers. These packages include: News, weather, and sports sponsorships. Feature shows such as At work with Joanne Wilson; The Parent Report, ET Radio Minute, Casey Clarke Show; Nascar The Final Lap and an occasional guest Psychic Dan Valcos.

These shows are available for your business to sponsor in 13, 26 or 52 weeks. We can also customize packages for you to target your customers every day with :30 or :60 commercials. We have a national Award Winning creative and production department that will write and produce your :30 or :60 commercial.

Our Account Executives will work with you, one on one, to ensure your business is marketed properly and successfully on our stations. For more information, please contact Kathy Harris, Sales Manager (807) 346-2510.

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