Television advertising creates the image, plants the motivational sell and visually sells your product. It creates awareness for your product to the masses and will effectively target your market.

Television and Radio
Radio is intrusive and will direct consumers to your business. Add it to your television advertising and you get imagery transfer. Respondents will correctly describe the prime visual elements in a TV commercial after hearing only the audio. Consumers will recreate the visual portion of your television message.

Television, Radio and Newspaper
Newspaper advertising is best for details about your business and price points. Television and newspaper will give massive reach. Television and radio will direct consumers to the details of your print advertising. The combination reduces any chance that readers may miss your ad and increases the effectiveness of your overall campaign!

Newspaper combined with television and radio can provide the customers with the “details”. Your electronic media will direct the consumer to your business and to the newspaper ad that highlights the details and price points of your campaign.

Television, Radio, Newspaper and the Web
Interaction, integration and reinforcement are effectively accomplished with TV, radio and print. Now, add the vehicle of the 21st Century and your message will have higher recall, AND will provide more information increasing the security level of the consumer. The Internet is the medium to use to reach today’s youth and the computer “savvy” population.

Dougall Media effectively combines all four advertising vehicles in one simple package.

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